Frozen Dog Food – Fresh To Freezer

At Poppy’s Picnic we preserve our fresh dog food using nature’s own preserver – freezing. Our commitment is to delivering the best raw frozen dog food.

Our food is handmade in small batches by 4th generation butchers. It is then packaged and frozen to keep it fresher for longer… well, as long as you need it really! Once frozen it can easily go a year in the freezer at home.

All food – human and pet food alike – needs to be preserved to get it from the producer to the table. If it’s going to sit on a shelf or in a fridge waiting for you to buy it, then it has to have preservatives added somewhere along the line. If preservatives are added, especially artificial ones, then you are introducing unnecessary processed ingredients to a dog’s diet.

Processed, cooked dog food manufacturers suggest raw unfrozen meat contains dangerous parasites – this is part of their negative marketing agenda to discredit the growing threat to their market dominance. In fact our raw food for dogs is the same quality as raw meat for humans… using it safely is a simple matter of proper storage, handling and everyday hygiene! We’ve frozen it for you for freshness, but this process also puts pay to parasites and bad bugs.

Our commitment is to delivering the best raw dog food, fresh to freezer.