#NRFW2019 Dashing doggie bowls pawfect for fresh feeding 🐶

#NRFW2019 Dashing doggie bowls pawfect for fresh feeding 🐶

#NRFW2019 Dashing doggie bowls pawfect for fresh feeding 🐶

As the source of delicious fresh goodness or a place to quench their thirst, a dog’s bowl has got to be paws-down one of their most prized possessions. If you’re looking to get your paws on a new dog bowl for your dog, we’ve got some suggestions to share this Raw Feeding Week!

1) Sweet William Designs (from £20.95)
These high quality dog bowls are our absolute favourite. Offered in two different sizes, you can also choose different dog breeds as the feature design – Poppy, Katie, Slipper and Gaby have their very own Schnauzer design!

2) Mason Cash Lettered Ceramic 18cm Dog Bowl (from £7.99)

This heavy stoneware dog bowl is not only handy, but is also endorsed by the RSPCA. Made from heavy stoneware it’s more difficult for the bowl to be tipped over by you or your dog.

3) Waggo Dipper (from £19.62)

This simple ceramic dog bowl comes in a two-colour design. With a wide range of different colours to choose from you can have fun matching the bowl to your dog’s personality or your interior decor. The bowl also comes in three different sizes, which makes it ideal for different sized dogs.

4) Bone Dry DII (from £18.76)

This bowl is perfect for smaller-sized dogs.There is also a non-slip ring on the bottom of the bowl, which stops it from sliding.

5) Dogs Trust Dog Bowl by Fenella Smith (from £19.00)

British designer Fenella Smith has crafted a range of ceramic dog bowls which have painted designs in the centre. Also, as a proud British brand ourselves, we love to support like-minded businesses. The brand donates 25% of their profits to the Dogs Trust which is truly wonderful.

There’s nothing we want more than to see the face of your lovely dog enjoying their delicious Poppy’s Picnic meals this National Raw Feeding Week! Share your favourite photos with us using the hashtags #PoppysPals and #poppyspicnic.

Much love,

Dylan and Poppy x

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