Doggy DNA testing is helping to prevent dog theft

Gloucestershire Constabulary recently took a huge step forward by becoming the first police force globally to use DNA to help tackle dog thefts. Having joined forces with Cellmark, they have created a scheme called DNA Protected where simple kits are used to collect a sample of your dog's DNA, which is then put into the Forensic Dog DNA database. This database not only helps to deter thieves and ensure your dogs safe return, but it also helps the police to successfully prosecute the people responsible. 

So how does it work?

Just like us humans, dogs all have their own unique DNA. Unlike microchips that can be lost or even removed, DNA will always be identifiable. 

    1. Your sample kit will provide you with instructions on how to take a simple swab from your dog which captures thousands of cell, all which hold their DNA.
    2. The swab is sent to the laboratory where the swab is analysed to generate your dogs DNA profile
    3. The DNA is then added to the Forensic Dog DNA database

Gloucestershire police will soon be offering the DNA Sampling kits on neighbourhood engagement vehicles but for those who live further afield you can order your kit directly from


Header photo: PS Towell, PD Maija and PC Hunt- Photo credited to Thousand Word Media