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Poppy's Top Tips for Perfect Pics

Poppy's Top Tips for Perfect Pics

Poppy's Top Tips for Perfect Pics

It’s National Dog Photography day and we’re celebrating by sharing Poppy’s top tips for taking the perfect pictures of your four-legged friends.

1. Stay calm and relaxed - Dogs can easily pick up on our emotions so if we get stressed they do too. A calm human means a calm dog!

2. Clear the clutter - Check for any rubbish or anything distracting in the background. 

3. Find your light - If you’re inside, try and find a spot by the window where it’s  nice and bright. If you’re outside, face away from the sun to avoid shadows and squinting eyes. 

4. Get low - Don’t be afraid to move around and lower down to your dog’s height to get that perfect shot. This way you can see their expressions or capture them playing and having fun.

5. Did someone say treats? - If your dog is like Poppy then they will love posing for a treat in return. Our TASTY TREATS are the perfect healthy snack for rewarding your dog for their model skills. 

6. Keep things fun - Reward your pup for their hard work, play with them for fun action shots, laugh if you don’t quite get the shot. Keeping things fun will not only keep your dog calm and happy but will also allow you to get some great photos and create new memories!

We love seeing your photos of your gorgeous dogs! Just tag us @poppyspicnic and use the hashtag #poppysperfectpictures

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