Fun Things To Do With Your Dog In The Winter

Fun Things To Do With Your Dog In The Winter

Fun Things To Do With Your Dog In The Winter

Don’t let the cold get you and your dog down! With the chilly weather upon us, it’s important to find fun things to do with your dog in the winter. You should fit in some time to walk your dogs or plan alternative exercises to keep them healthy. We have some simple ways to make sure your pup stays active throughout the colder season.

   1. Walk

A walk is a simple and effective way to keep your dog active - and dogs love it! Walking not only burns calories but also allows for mental stimulation with all the different scents and sights for your pooch to take in. Just make sure to bundle up to stay warm and perhaps schedule a walk around midday as it gets darker earlier this time of year!

   2. Explore Agility Dog Parks

Agility dog parks is a great place to take your dog as not only can they be challenged with new routines, they are also great for cardio when they run up and down ramps, through tunnels and wiggling through poles For example, the Chase Green’s “Bark Park” in West London, is the only fully inclosed dog agility park if you live nearby!

   3. Doggie Playdates

Sometimes it can be hard to socialise your dog when everyone is hiding from the cold however scheduling a doggy playdate can be a perfect way to give your dog some fun and entertainment. So call up a friend that has a dog and pick a time to get together!

   4. Indoor Activities

If the weather is too harsh for you and your dog, there are plenty of indoor activities that can get your dog playing and running around. Some simple tricks you can try and reward your dog after with Poppy’s Picnic’s TASTY Treats are roll-over, high five or fetch. You can also try different brain games and puzzles such as hiding our Liver Bites under a set of three cups and letting your dog guess which cup the treat is under. For more ideas on creating your own indoor agility course, click here.