Handling Raw Dog Food Safely – A Hound’s Guide To Food Hygiene

Handling Raw Dog Food Safely – A Hound’s Guide To Food Hygiene

Handling Raw Dog Food Safely – A Hound’s Guide To Food Hygiene

Raw dog food is different from other dog foods, not only in terms of the texture and freshness of the ingredients used, but also storage and preparation. That said, feeding a raw food diet is as simple as Defrost. Serve. Woof. Repeat. Take the same simple precautions that you would to prepare a spag bol or chicken meal and all will be well.

To provide handy hints and tips on handling raw dog food safely in the home, the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association has launched a brand new infographic:

Need more advice on serving raw dog food safely? Here’s Poppy’s 5 top tips: 

   1. Freezing

Raw feeders love freezers. Freezing is nature’s best preservative and keeps bad bacteria at bay. Not only that, but this way our food can stay fresh for up to a year! Our raw dog food is frozen for freshness and delivered in insulated packaging which keeps the food frozen up to 48 hours for delivery.

   2. Storing

Simply move the food into the freezer once it arrives to your front door, or alternatively keep some packs in the fridge for up to four days. If your Poppy’s Picnic packs arrive slightly defrosted but are cold to the touch, then they are perfectly fine to be popped straight into the freezer. On the rare occasion that a pack arrives fully defrosted (this can sometimes occur in very hot weather) it should be placed in the refrigerator and consumed first.

   3. Defrosting

Raw feeding is all about rhythm. Most people take out a pack (or packs - for bigger or multiple dogs) one day and feed it the next. If you do forget to defrost the food (we’ve all done it!) then simply put a whole pack in a bowl of water. Replace the water twice and within 10 minutes you will be able to serve. Never be tempted to microwave as the bone can harden and this could cause irritation to your dog.

   4. Serving 

When preparing your dog’s meals, make sure to wash your hands and utensils used after touching raw meat. Along with that, take a look at the provided serving size to make sure you are giving them the perfect amount for their tummy. Use our Meal Calculator to work out how much you should feed your dog a day.

   5. Cleaning 

Make sure to wipe down all countertops that came into contact with the raw meat, including your dog’s bowl. Just like you would with your own cooking, wash all utensils used in hot soapy water and of course your hands too! 

There you have it - it’s actually more straightforward than most people think! So don’t fear the raw meat, embrace it and all the healthy benefits it will bring to your pup :)

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