How much to feed a puppy

How much to feed a puppy

How much to feed a puppy

Hurrah! Your new puppy is coming home. It's an exciting time but there’s also a lot to think about. One of the most important questions is how much to feed a puppy? And more specifically, how much raw food to feed my puppy?

Puppies require higher feeding percentages than adult dogs and need to be fed more.

frequently throughout the day.  It won't surprise you to hear that many experienced and Kennel Club Assured Breeders advocate feeding puppies a raw diet, which really is the best start in life for a growing puppy. It is important to keep a close eye on your puppy's body condition during this period as you may need to adjust the amount and feeding schedule based on the puppy's requirements.

How much to feed a puppy? Raw dog food feeding guide for puppies

Start with four meals a day and always make sure there is always a fresh supply of water.  Most people opt for set times but you should do what works in your house and in response to what your puppy needs. 

  • 8 Weeks - 4 Months: feed approximately 8 - 10% of their body weight (drop down to three meals a day)

  • 4 Months - 6 Months: approx 6 - 8% of their body weight (drop down to two meals a day)

  • 6 Months - 8 Months: approx 4 - 6% of their body weight

  • 8 Months - 12 Months: approx 3 - 4% of their body weight

  • 12 Months + and throughout adulthood: approx 2 - 3% of their body weight

(But don’t worry, you don’t have to do any of the maths yourself - our Meal Calculator can help you get the amount to feed right)

Remember: all puppies go through growth spurts so if you need to feed more some days and weeks. 

How do I know if I'm feeding my puppy enough?

Start feeding your puppy at the higher amount, reducing if your puppy is putting on too much weight. As time passes the feed quantity changes should be made gradually over 4 days and not in one serving. Do remember that no two dogs have the same metabolism and our advice is general guidance only. Listen to the advice of your breeder as they know your pups inside and out.

How much does my puppy weigh?

Apart from your regular visits to the vets, this is the best way to check your growing puppy’s weight: get on the bathroom scales with and without the puppy - the difference in the two weights is your puppy’s weight.

(REMEMBER: If your puppy suddenly loses or gains weight then it could be the sign of an underlying health condition and you should check with your vet)

PUPPY POWER is our unique staged feeding range for young puppies, getting them off to the best start in life. Follow-on Paste for pups between 5 to 8 weeks has more complex nutrition but is still smooth for small mouths. Our Growing-Up Mince is a complete superfood for puppies from 8 weeks onwards. You can feed this alongside the adult raw dog food to add protein variety. 


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