A ginger cats head leans in frame towards a small meatball on a plate. The plate has a black cat on it and sits on a gingham red tablecloth

Storing and serving Tabby's Table Purry Power meatballs

Storing and serving Tabby's Table Purry Power meatballs

Our unique PURRY POWER Meatballs make raw feeding your cat a doddle. It’s an easy and convenient way to portion out the food, giving your cat a lifetime of wholesome, healthy raw meals. And our customers are telling us it's easier to switch with our meatballs :)

Storing raw cat food

To store pop in the fridge in a sealed container. This box is our favourite as you can pop the tray directly in the box and securely clip it closed. Extra meatballs left over from the last tray? The extra deep box will have plenty of room, simply pop the meatballs on top of the others. Once defrosted our meatballs last 4 days in the fridge. 

TOP TIP: Before you put a pack in the fridge, take off the top film with a sharp knife. Opening it while the meatballs are frozen makes it much easier and avoids meat getting over the packet or your hands. See our video below

Serving Raw Cat Food

Serve raw cat food at room temperature!

Good to know: In some cases eating cold food can upset a cat’s stomach. However, never be tempted to put the food in the microwave to defrost or warm it. The food contains bone and heating or cooking it can be dangerous. 

Instead, take the defrosted meatballs out of the fridge. Leave them for around 20 mins to come to room temperature (Louise puts them in Tabby’s bowl and covers it with a large tray to prevent prying paws!). If you have forgotten to get them out of the freezer in time, put them in a metal or pyrex bowl over some hot water - like a bain marie - and they should defrost quicker. 

Then at meal time simply break up the meatball with a knife to make it easy to eat.

Yum :)

Watch our video on opening the meatballs below