The power of Poppy's Picnic pick up-able poos!

Here at Poppy's Picnic we are obsessed with poo. Not all poo to be fair, just dog poo and especially raw dog poo. You see, one of the big differences and benefits when switching to a raw diet is what we like to call, pick up-able poos.

If you look at poo from a processed food fed dog, it's big, stinky and full of fillers. If you step on it, it gets EVERYWHERE. On your shoes, then the carpets. It's hard to pick up and leaves a big mess, leading you to yet again get the hose out to wash off the grass, or worse using several poo bags to try and scape it off the pavement. It's also full of nasties that your dog cannot digest and preservatives which make the poo last for up to a year. Yeuch!

Now, when you look at the poo of a raw fed dog it's quite the opposite. It's small, hard and doesn't have that lingering smell, making it very easy to pick up and dispose of. With no preservatives our raw food naturally keeps it's freshness and then the poo biodegrades quickly and naturally. Your dog may also poo less frequently because they are digesting and using almost everything they eat!

And let's not forget our feline companions. No more stinky litter box wafting through the house or neighbours finding unpleasant surprises in their garden. With a raw fed cat you take the phew out of poo with less odorous litter boxes to clean and smaller poos in the garden that biodegrade quickly and naturally.

So now you see, a raw diet makes the whole poo business a doddle!