How to get started with Poppy's Picnic

How to get started with Poppy's Picnic

How to get started with Poppy's Picnic

How it works

Feeding raw is a different way of doing things to buying kibble or wet dog food from a supermarket, but it’s all good. This is how it works at Poppy’s Picnic:

  • Our recipes contain fresh meat, ground bone, heart and offal, vegetables and a few nutritional extras. We also have no-bone recipes which are our MIGHTY MINCE and POWER BALLS ranges which can be served raw or cooked 
  • It is minced up and put into packs, as mince or meatballs
  • The food is then frozen for freshness
  • We commit to delivery your hamper in 24 hours. Should there be an unavoidable delay, don’t worry, our boxes are designed to keep the contents cold for up to 48 hours
  • Should you need to your hamper will be left in a safe place if you are not at home
  • As soon as you can, unpack your food and put it straight in the freezer
  • Defrost the packs as you need to start feeding, overnight if possible and in a sink of water if you forget.
  • Defrosted food can last 4 days in your fridge
  • Watch your happy dog wait for their meal – it’ll be gone in a flash
  • Take out a subscription so you never run out of dog food again
  • Once you are ready to feed starting off is easy – see our Guide to Switching.
  • We recommend making a straight switch to raw. Feed your dog’s old food one evening and then Poppy’s Picnic in the morning. Most dogs will enjoy it from day one!
  • Use our meal calculator to see how much food you should be feeding – weigh your dog and check against what is considered a normal weight for your breed.

Feeding tips


A little too thin or a little overweight?

Every animal is an individual, they gain and lose weight depending on their life stage, metabolism and how much food and exercise they have.

If you are not sure if your dog is a little too thin or fat, just feel their ribs – are they a little too boney or are their ribs too covered? Whichever the case adjust your feeding (including treats) accordingly.

Have a look at these images to help you:

Too skinny

A good look, see some ribs without them looking “sharp” If you dog is like mine, with loads of hair, just feel the ribs as well as looking at your pet and see what you think.




A little too happy with his/her food, either increase activity levels or fine tone how much food your pet is eating.

Check your dog's weight and compare this toincrease activity and fine tune the amount of food.

As with everything in life, this is just our view as dog owners who take a practical approach to looking after our loved ones. Do seek advice from your vet or health care professional.