How Much Should My Dog Weigh? The Ideal Dog Weight πŸ©πŸ•

Ever wonder how much should my dog weigh? Well, we've got your back!Β 

Dogs fed on a raw food diet are generally leaner than kibble fed dogs simply because they are processing all the food they eat!

As an attentive owner you are already watching your dog’s weight and understand that if they are becoming a little heavy you need to feed less, or if they are looking a little lean, a bit more. A great way of telling if your dog is the correct weight is by feeling their ribs – you should be able to feel their ribs but not be able to see them. If you find you can’t feel their ribs, or they are visible without touching, then give us a ring for more advice.

Know your dog’s weight

The best way to check how much your dog should be eating is to use our online calculator on our homepage. If you are not sure how much your dog weighs, either call your vet or get on the scales with and without the dog – the difference between each measurement is their weight.

Image Credit: Well Pet Coach