Raw-Fed Dog Poop – Bio Poo 💩

Raw-Fed Dog Poop – Bio Poo 💩

Raw-Fed Dog Poop – Bio Poo 💩

We are obsessed with poo

Not all poo, to be fair, just dog poo.

Look at the poo of a dog fed on kibble. Go on, we dare you. It’s a massive big pile of soft, stinky – quite possibly runny – dog mess. Mess being the operative word.

Now look at the poo of a raw fed dog. It’s smaller and harder. Raw-fed dog poop doesn’t have that lingering smell. With no preservatives our raw food keeps it's freshness and the poo biodegrades quickly and naturally.

We like to call these Pick-Upable-Poos. This is because we find them easier to pick up! Your dog may also poo less frequently because they are digesting and using almost everything they eat. This is one of the many benefits of a raw food diet for dogs.

Did you know?

Preservatives in processed food preserve the food but also the poo. Poo from a dog fed on processed food could last outside and on the street for up to a year if left untouched. Anyone who feeds kibble is essentially paying for poo – kibble = more poo – and paying for the privilege of it hanging around. If not on the streets then in landfill.

Preservatives also contribute to that hideous smell. Yuck!