Lights, Camera Action! Show love for our FEDIAF balanced raw dog food ranges

Lights, Camera Action! Show love for our FEDIAF balanced raw dog food ranges

Lights, Camera Action! Show love for our FEDIAF balanced raw dog food ranges



Seeing all of your wonderful reviews on Trustpilot and Facebook, we’re over the moon to see so many of Poppy's Pals loving our FEDIAF balanced raw dog food ranges including our RAW POWER Mince, MIGHTY MINCE, POWER BALLS and PUPPY POWER.

We’re proud of our nutritious recipes and new compostable packaging for our Mince packs which reduces plastic use by 90%. 

And now we'd love to see your dog next to their Poppy's Picnic hamper or how much they enjoy our new ranges in a snapshot. You don’t need to be a tech guru to capture the moment... All you need is a camera phone, a bowl of Poppy’s Picnic award-winning food or our delivery box on the ready and of course, the main star of the show - your dog!

Look at little Suzie deciding which delicious Poppy's Picnic meal to choose for dinner!

To help you take a paws-worthy snap that we'd love to feature on our social media, we’ve put together a checklist to get you started:

What should your background be?

We would recommend a lightly-coloured wall as a background so that your dog and their delicious food are the main focus.

How important is lighting?

If you’re snapping a photo indoors, make sure you're positioned near a window - every bit of lighting helps! Being outdoors in the garden or porch when it's sunny where there's natural lighting would also be great.

Is your Poppy’s Picnic Hamper box and their bowl of food in the shot?

Make sure to position your delivery box so that it’s visible in the frame or their mince, meatballs or treats are in the bowl too. We love seeing how excited your dog is waiting for you to serve their meal and licking their bowls clean after! Click here to order.

What is the ideal format?

Photos in landscape mode would be amazing - just like the example above! However, we'd love to see any shots that you want to share with us.

Are your dogs barking for joy?

We love seeing wagging tails! How do your dogs react when their Poppy’s Picnic delivery box arrives or when you’re serving up their food in their favourite bowl? Catching these precious moments on camera is wonderful to see and share. Can’t wait to see yours!

That’s it - simple! If you have a photo* of your dog and their food, please send to with the photo attached for a chance to be featured on our socials or future campaigns.

Here's another lovely example of Hendrix posing with his Poppy's Picnic delivery box 😊

*You must own the rights to the images you post or share with us and be happy for us to use them on our social media pages and marketing materials going forward.