Best high fibre foods for your dog

Best high fibre foods for your dog

Best high fibre foods for your dog

Do dogs need fibre?

Poppy's Picnic's recipes are complete and balanced according to FEDIAF standards which means providing high quality fresh meat, vegetables and essential vitamins and nutrients, including enough fibre for dogs to stay healthy. Natural sources of fibre in their diet for our four-legged friends are important for them to thrive.

It's common to think that dogs are obligate carnivores, when they are actually omnivores that eat both meat protein and natural plants in the wild. This is why we have included vegetables as a source of fibre in our recipes which helps to keep their digestive system healthy and support the nutrients that come from the fresh meat in our food.

Here are wonderful sources of fibre for dogs which are also present in our recipes:


Pumpkin is a squash that is loved by both two and four-legged creatures alike. It not only tastes delicious but also provides a great source of fibre and nutrients.


Carrots are rich with vitamins A, K and B6, which keeps your dog's eyes healthy and bright! Carrots also provide a great source of nutritious fibre for dogs and helps provides them with enough vitamins and minerals


Most dogs are a big fan of broccoli! It's one of the most nutritious vegetables that contains essential vitamins and natural sources of easily digested fibre to keep your dog thriving


These days, kale is considered the queen of superfoods for humans, and it's no surprise why. It's also great for our four-legged friends as it's a fantastic source of iron and fibre


Kelp works wonders especially for dogs that are prone to digestive issues and constipation as it has natural sources of iodine. In general, it helps improve their digestive system


Wheatgerm is nutrient-packed with vitamin E, natural sources of manganese, and other important nutrients that dogs can benefit from. It is also a fantastic source of dietary fibre.

Flaxseed oil

It helps keep your dog’s digestive system in top notch condition and supports digestive health. Flax seed also promotes healthier skin, hair and heart function as well as calmer moods

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