How to teach your dog paw

Do you want to teach your furry friend paw? We've put together a handy step by step guide to help you teach your dog this adorable trick! Need to stock up on treats for teaching? Our Tasty Treats are perfect for rewards and trick training! Shop the range hereChoose a small treat your dog loves and make sure you have plenty - Pippin loves our Tasty Ox Heart Bites. Find a place that is calm and quiet so your dog has minimal distraction and ask them to sit.

Start by getting them to touch your closed fist. Hold a treat in a closed fist in front of your dog until they touch your hand with their paw. They may sniff or even lick your hand before they understand so prepare to be patient and keep your hand still. 

As they start touching your hand with their paw say your keyword “eg. paw” and release the treat so they know they’re getting it right. 

Keep repeating this as practice makes perfect and dogs learn by repetition. Remember, you can always take a break. They’ll be more likely to remember what they’ve learned and enjoy it if we take things gently and go at their pace!

Now try it without a treat. Say your keyword and reward them once they touch your hand, repeating until they’ve mastered it. Next move onto an open hand, using your keyword and rewarding them once they touch your hand with their paw. 

And there you go! You’ve now taught your dog the “Paw” command.