Poppy's favourite enrichment and boredom busting toys

Poppy's favourite enrichment and boredom busting toys

Poppy's favourite enrichment and boredom busting toys

In celebration of World Animal Enrichment day Poppy hqas put together a few of her favourite boredom busting toys and puzzles to share with all her furry friends. 

Owner of Ruffle Snuffle and Animal Behavourist Sarah-Jane White Founded World Animal Enrichement day last year to encourage and raise awareness to every pet owner and animal keeper to share their love and enrichment ideas for our beloved animals. So without further ado, here are Poppy’s favourites:

Zogoflex Toppl

This smal but mighty toy is perfect for hiding treats for your dog to find. Its unique design has soft, rounded ‘teeth’ inside to hold the treats in place until your dog nudges and topples them out, You can also attach the smaller and larger models together to make a tougher Toppl. 

  • Two different sizes:  Small 7cm across, 6cm height & Large 9.5cm across, 8.5cm height
  • Recommended for moderate chewers
  • BPA free, latex free and FDA compliant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Frezzer safe 
  • Floats in water
  • Perfect for Tasty Treats or raw food 

Nina Ottosson puzzle toys

These clever puzzle toys come in a range of levels, 1 being the easiest and 4, the hardest. The idea being that you can start your dog off with the simplest design and they can work their way up to the more complicated puzzles. They also offer puzzles perfect for puppies, different size dogs and short nosed breeds! There are also a range of cat puzzles, much to Tabby’s delight. Best for Tasty Treats 

  • Range of different types for different ages/abilities 
  • Wood Look - Made with it’s unique composite material, it’s more durable than wood and will not splinter or snap while your dog plays with it.
  • Easy to clean

 Snuffle Mats

Snuffle matts are small matts made out of layer of fabric woven together to create a fun matt that hides treats for your dog to sniff out! Simply scatter some Super Sprinkles over or hide Tasty Treats and your dog will love using their nose to hunt them out!

  • Range of treats can be used
  • Provide hours of fun
  • Range of colourful designs 

    See Poppy using hers here: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CRM1ofkHEst/

     Kong Gyro

    Many of us are familiar with the classic Kong, perfect for both treats and raw food however the Kong Gyro adds a whole new level of excitement for your dogs, keeping them inquisitive and excited. As the dogs push and paw the toy the center spinning orb dispenses Tasty Treats, rewarding them for their engagement. 

  • Small hole to place treats in, which then dispenses them as it moves around
  • Perfect for Tasty Treats 
  • Durable 
  • Roll and flip action encourages your dog to interact with the toy
  • Multiple sizes 

  •  Outward Hound – Hide a squirrel toy 

    This plush toy is amazing for dogs with bundles of energy! Designed to prevent boredom and encourage problem solving you dog can pull the squirrel teddies out of the tree. Each squirrel also has a squeaker, a favourite of many dogs, meaning they are great for playing fetch with. An added bonus is that as the squirrels all fit back in their tree it’s nice and tidy for when playtime is over.

    • Squirrels can be used for fetch as well as being pulled out of the tree
    • Squeekers in the squirrels
    • Different sized trees available for different breeds
    • You can buy replacement Squirrels on amazon if needed
    • Particulary fun for dogs that already like chasing squirrels like Poppy!


    LickiMats are made from recyclable thermoplastic rubber and are excellent for boredom busting and as a slow feeder for those who are very enthusiastic at dinner time. Simply spread your raw food across the mat and your dog will enjoy licking it off which also prevents anxiety as prolonged licking action helps to release calming hormones in both dogs & cats. 

    • Range of sizes and shapes
    • Perfect for raw food
    • Helps to slow down eating
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Suitable for dogs and cats of all age and sizes 

    Always supervise your dog/cat as you would with other toys. 

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