Power up Mealtimes with SUPER SPRINKLES

We are proud of our raw dog food recipes which contain all that your dog needs for the healthiest diet including raw meat, ground-up bones, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Even so, we are always looking for ways to make our four-legged friends' meals more pleasurable and a palatable experience.

We're thrilled to introduce our latest SUPER SPRINKLES that are designed to be added to your dog's mealtimes as a fantastic source of nutrients. Made with 100% natural Whitefish skins and responsibly sourced organic hand-harvested Irish Seaweed and organic pasley with no additives, it's a great natural, crunchy topping. Poppy's daughters, especially Slipper, loves it! We think the tasty flavours will guarantee to get your pooch's taste buds singing too. 

It's easy to power up your dog's dinners and ideal for fussy eaters, dogs with some dietary issues or pregnant dogs.

Simply sprinkle a spoonful of the SUPER SPRINKLES on your dog's meals to add an extra flavour and texture. Don't forget to have a bowl of fresh water available for your dog too.

There are many health benefits of Seaweed as natural supplement, which includes:

  • Acts as a natural tooth brush to keep your dog's gums healthy - hear the crunch!
  • Improves your best friend's skin, fur and coat and alleviates skin irritations
  • Helps your dog to become more resistant to infections
  • Maintains optimum health, vitality and can improve hydration especially during the summer time