Social Distancing and Pets: Caring for your dogs at home

We’re so pleased to be able to carry out contact-free next day deliveries of our raw dog food for your dogs while the latest government guidance is to continue ‘social distancing’ to protect the more vulnerable members of society. 

There are many ways to adopt social distancing and the best hygiene practices while still interacting with and giving love to your pets. These are not only specifically relevant due to the  current Coronavirus situation, rather good practices to follow at any time.

These are some social distancing tips for keeping your pets and family safe:

  • Continue to adopt good hygiene practises such as thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water after interacting with your pets
  • Wash all the utensils and bowls with soap after feeding our raw dog food 
  • Wipe down your kitchen counters and surfaces using anti-bacterial wipes after serving your dog’s meals
  • Make sure you always have enough of our food for your dog by subscribing to one of our meal plans. This way you will never run out of your dog’s favourite food, and it’s one less thing to worry about! 
  • Enjoy dog walks while keeping at least two meters away from other people. Perhaps stepping out early in the morning or later in the evenings when the streets are less busy, especially if you live in the city  
  • If you are not comfortable with going on too many walks, you can still exercise your dog in the garden or in your own home. Check out our tips to keep your dog entertained and occupied at home