Poppy's tips to keep your furry friends entertained at home

There are many ways that pet parents can keep their dogs entertained and busy at home, making sure they are exercising enough while social distancing. Mental stimulation is a fantastic way to keep your dog happy and occupied by replacing their usual outdoor activities and walks with fun challenges at home. 

Along with a balanced diet with Poppy’s Picnic raw dog food, here are some tips to keep your furry friends in tip-top condition at home.

  • A classic favourite for most pooches is a game of fetch or tug in the garden. This will get them moving a lot and have fun playing with you
  • Challenge your dog during mealtime by using a puzzle mat when serving their favourite Poppy’s Picnic raw dog food meals to get them thinking! 
  • You can bond with your dog by teaching them a new trick that helps with their mental stimulation such as ‘sit’, ‘lie down’ and ‘roll-over’. Reward them with one of our delicious and healthy air-dried treats!
  • Sniff, sniff, sniff! Get your furry friend sniffing as scent work can be a good way to keep them occupied for a long time! Simply hide our TastyTreats around the garden or inside the house for them to hunt them. Make sure not to overfeed and limit the amount of our treats per day
  • Make sure your dogs are getting regular access to the garden for toilet breaks!
  • Remember a few social distancing tips to care for your pets at home too