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Jess Cuthbertson Agility Series: Why feeding raw is the best for my dogs

Jess Cuthbertson Agility Series: Why feeding raw is the best for my dogs

Jess Cuthbertson Agility Series: Why feeding raw is the best for my dogs

Agility star, Jess Cuthbertson is officially our new ambassador and we’re excited to be a part of her journey as she takes this season by storm. She’s selected Poppy’s Picnic raw dog food to fuel her top performing pups and we couldn’t be happier to support them all. In this fourth part of our six part blog series, Jess talks about why she joined the raw revolution and feeding raw food is best for her dogs’ health and performance: 


I previously hadn’t put too much thought into switching up my dogs’ eating habits until I started to notice more and more people making the transition to feeding their dogs raw food.  It was only until one day that my friend said to me, “With all that we ask our dogs to do for us, the least we could do is give them healthy and delicious food” - and that really stuck with me! This is when I started asking around the Agility and domestic dog owner communities to see what they were feeding their dogs and the changes they had observed in their dogs after making the switch. Hearing nothing but positive reviews, I decided it was time to jump on board the raw food train. 

All of my dogs are in amazing condition since we switched to Poppy’s Picnic raw dog food - their skin and coat are healthier and their energy levels have increased tremendously. One of the most amazing changes I have noticed, is that paired with this rise in energy they have also become more calm and well-behaved, which is most noticeable in my competing dogs.  Above all else, though, the most important thing to me is that my dogs LOVE IT and licks the bowl clean each time!

I think a lot of people are apprehensive about making the switch to a raw food diet because they have a false notion that it will not fit in with a busy lifestyle. But it is quite the contrary! Raw feeding is really not difficult and it is made easier with appropriate packaging.  For me, I always look for tubs rather than chubs - it just makes it more convenient to prepare and store the food, and less of a hassle to handle. I feed my pups twice a day and they each have their set amounts to ensure they are at the ideal weight. This means managing and monitoring their weights is so easy because I know exactly how much they have had! 

Since feeding my dogs raw food they have gone absolutely loony when breakfast time rolls around. Quite literally, they bounce around the place and I know it is because they love the freshly prepared raw food.  The entire scene is so funny, but I love seeing them happy and enjoying food so much, and to know they are getting all the essential nutrients they need for optimum health! Because of this, I wouldn’t ever want to go back to feeding them wet or dry food now that I have seen the difference in their moods and performance. 

Feeding my pups on the road was an initial concern of mine too, but this I found was not difficult either.  For me, I actually find it easy! If we are just going out for the day, I will prepare all the meals the night before and just box them up and take them in a cooler bag.  If we go on longer trips like camping or week long competitions, then we would bring our very handy cool box. 

Poppy’s Picnic has really made a positive difference in my dogs’ lives, and certainly mine too knowing they are thriving on award-winning, delicious raw dog food.  They are much more energetic, well-behaved, and excited for life than they were before. I specifically chose Poppy’s Picnic over other raw dog food companies because of the care and attention to detail they displayed.  They make sure that our lives as dog owners do not completely revolve around our dogs, but also understand how important our pets are to us and place importance on easy and healthy living for both dogs and their owners.

Have you joined the RAW-volution yet#POWEREDBYPOPPYSPICNIC