Itchy Skin On Dogs – Help With Itchy Skin

Itchy skin on dogs can be made worse by processed food. Feeding Poppy's Picnic unprocessed, raw natural dog food can help improve allergies and skin conditions.

The rise and rise of allergies

Just as our own lifestyles have changed, our pets’ lifestyles have changed too with a complex range of factors now contributing to their wellbeing. As with humans, a major change is the dominance of processed food. Pet owners are finding themselves making regular trips to the vets – often due to issue with skin or coat – that can often be linked back to poor diet.

But don’t take our word for it….

We work with holistic vet Dr Nick Thompson, President of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society, and he has this to say on this subject.

“Raw feeding is fairly new to science… although not to dogs and cats, as they have been eating like this for millennia! More research is coming out every year that agrees we should not be feeding our animals a processed diet. I am in no doubt about the benefits of a raw diet – and you just have to ask any raw feeder in the UK about it and they will list all the positive impacts on their pet’s health. Food is so fundamental to health that if you feed a species-appropriate diet in a form that animals have evolved to eat – i.e. in a raw format – then I believe that pretty much all physiological parameters will improve.”

Plus feeding unprocessed, natural dog food means your dog gets the full complement of nutrients which is better for skin and fur. Our added oils – coconut and flax seed – work with the vitamins and minerals to give your dog a full glossy coat.